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Third Class on their new and upcoming album

This Ohio experimental pop act has a new album coming 10/03

This upcoming album from Third Class is a 13-track album and the album's cover art looks amazing, and a member of the band; Lee, wanted me to have early access to the album. Thank You Third Class <3

Here are my opinions on the tracks:

Track no. 1: The track starts off with an organ and then continues with some drums and some synth piano which sounds like a sad song turning to a happy, up-beat song.

Track no. 2: Sounds like an up-beat, happy song with the drum pattern and the electric guitar (this song can be anyone's favourite song)

Track no. 3: Sounds like a song that you want to say to your past self that self-love is important because if you can't love yourself, how can you love someone else.

Track no. 4: Sounds like 'The Beatles' meets 'Olivia Rodrigo' (based on the tempo) and the lyrics sound like you could listen to this song when you're feeling down and you need some positivity in your life.

Track no. 5 : The lyrics in the song might mean you want to have your old/past self back but as a ghost, the title clearly states that you want your old self to be your ghost and guide you and to help you reach for that one goal that you have in life.

Track no. 6: Sounds like 'Camp Rock' meets 'Maneskin' meets 'Harry Styles' (based on the tempo/rhythm) and based on the title, I think that the song is all about how you want to tell everybody about what happened in the past.

Track no. 7: Sounds like 'Daft Punk' meets Halloween music (based on the instrumental and tempo/rhythm/melody).

Track no. 8: based on the title, this song basically tells you that your past self is real and your mistakes haunt you forever.

Track no. 9: The lyrics tell you that every single mistake that you've made in the past, will give you the courage to keep on following that one goal that you've been dying to reach.

Track no. 10: This song sounds like The Beatles meets Miley Cyrus and based on the lyrics it can help you reminisce everything that you've own in the past like clothes, outdoor things, bikes, electronics, etc..

Track no. 11: This song begins with cutlery's that you can find in the kitchen clinking together. This song sounds like a song that you can listen to if you miss your first home/childhood home before you moved to a different town/house/city.

Track no. 12: This song sound's like a song that you can listen to on a trumpet horn vinyl turntable and the lyric states that 'God is an Alien' which might be a rumor, which might not be true because there are a lot of beliefs about God.

Track no. 13: This last track on the album sounds like it can be a Halloween meets Christmas song. Based on the title of the track, it might be about your past self haunting you with all of the mistakes that you've made in the past, and will be haunting you forever till the end of time.

I asked the band on Instagram; What inspired them to make the album, the band answered with "We recently got reacquainted with our childhood home; it carries a lot of lost memories. With that house in mind, wanted to write an album about the "ghosts" of people's pasts, but with a positive spin. We want listeners to hear these songs and hug their past selves, to celebrate the triumphs and their mistakes which haunt them, knowing that their history will follow them around, forever."


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